Construction coordination

  • This combined schedule shows the projects underway or planned for the area
  • We’ve heard loud and clear that it’s important for us to coordinate with other agencies and projects planning work adjacent to 23rd Ave S and in the surrounding area
  • We are in close coordination with these projects and will work to coordinate schedules, where possible, to limit construction duration and cumulative impacts to the community. Examples include:
    • Coordinating schedules with projects at the S Jackson St intersection to minimize the duration of construction in the area
    • Completing work that requires a southbound detour prior to Sound Transit construction activities on 23rd Ave S

Construction schedules for nearby projects

Learn more

Use the links and descriptions below to learn more about other projects in the area.

23rd + Jackson (Vulcan)

Vulcan Real Estate plans to build two seven-story buildings at 23rd Ave S and S Jackson St. Their plans include 532 apartment units with at-grade retail, including space for a grocery store.

Community House

Community House, a mental health agency, is expanding its services with a new, six-story facility at its current facility site at 2212 S Jackson St. The first two stories will serve as day services and administrative offices, with floors three through six being 53 affordable units for Community House clients. Community House also plans an adjacent seven-story mixed-use workforce housing project with ground floor retail space on the northwest corner of the 23rd Ave S and S Jackson St, with a total of 74 housing units.

Judkins Park station (Sound Transit)

The Sound Transit Judkins Park station is part of the East Link Light Rail expansion, which will help connect Bellevue, Redmond, and Seattle across the I-90 bridge by 2023. The Judkins Park Station will be located in the center of I-90, with access from Rainier Ave S and 23rd Ave S. Sound Transit will also build improvements by the station entrance on 23rd Ave S.

Neighborhood Greenways (SDOT)

Neighborhood Greenways are safer, calmer residential streets that prioritize walking and biking for you, your family, and neighbors. Learn more about neighborhood greenway connections planned near you.